Who else has always wanted to see someone ski a skatebowl?
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Will & Andy of the Line Traveling Circus, circa ‘08

Mark Fisher photography - Daron Rahlves in Alaska

I went on a trip to Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina with Joss Christensen last winter. Joss won the Olympic gold medal for slopestyle skiing in Sochi, Russia a few weeks before our trip to Bosnia. I wanted to contrast his experience there with the history of Sarajevo in the 30 years since their Olympic games. 
We lit the torch at this podium from the Olympic ski jumping venue. We blew up a van transmission. We were told Utah is worse than Bosnia. Joss was bit by a stray dog. We ate pizza and drank beer for $3. We laughed, we guaced out, we moved snow, we shot photos. It was kind of great. I can’t wait to go back.
The whole feature story is in the October issue of Freeskier Magazine and I’d love for you to read more about this trip that opened my eyes to the depth and importance of the history of the people of Sarajevo. Oh yeah, there’s a bunch of rad skiing too.
Skier: Joss Christensen
Trick: Blunt flip (backflip grabbing the tail of the ski)
Location: Malo Polje / Igman Olympic ski jump venue



Nicky Keefer sending one of the wildest dubs ever!
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